Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Coasters and Woofums

We took the Coaster (double decker train that goes along the coast)
down to Old Town for the Mormon Battalion community event the church put on.

It was well done, but I think our highlight was the Coaster ride.
It was awesome.
(I'm blocking out the part when the outspoken homeless man sat too close to us on the way home)

But anyway at the event...
Sally examined a horse's backside.

Then we moved on to our favorite part of the day: woofum making.

That is biscuit dough formed around fat wooden dowel thingies.

Then roasted just like marshmallows.

When finished you end up with this cup shaped biscuit...
...that can be filled with jam, honey, gravy, whatever.

I really need some of those woofum roasting sticks for my next camp and/or bonfire.
(that's a hint Dad...Errin wants some, too)

I also want those things not to be called woofums.


Jessica Crozier said...

The coaster is awesome! My kids call it the train because that's the closest thing they've been to a real train.

Evaly said...

Yummy- those look good. We haven't been on the Coaster yet. We'll have to do it sometime. Don't you just love the Mormon Batallion? I think it is awesome.

brentanderrin said...

thank you for including me in your plead for woofum sticks... i dearly need them! especially after looking up more about them and their fillings...

Lon Atkinson said...

Here is where you can find how to make a woofum stick:

go down halfway to "articles and other items of interest".