Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Weekend

An attempt at a family picture.
This was bladder infection day for me.
It was special.

All my brothers and sisters were in the same vicinity for the first time in awhile.
We found a 15-minute window when we could meet for quick pictures.
Karen was already gone by the time we got to a sisters picture.

The kiddies love Cole.

Christmas Eve day we had a picnic with Justin's family.

Christmas Eve there were like 70 people at my parents house for a Mexican potluck dinner,
Nativity, and pinata.
Drew & Gwen were cheesy.
Sally & Jones were obsessed with Baby Jesus.

Sally dressed herself as a pink angel.


Justin on a Christmas present.

Jason likes to tell people their presents early.

Christmas Morning
Derek & Jason came for a sleepover.

I forgot the stockings at home, hence the paper sack.
Drew pulled out some Lego stickers that came for free w/another Lego thing and yelled,
"Just what I always wanted!!!"
We could've stopped there.

Owen was sick on Christmas...didn't get much emotion out of him.
He slept in til 7:30 that day!
Normally he's up at 6.

More from Christmas Day...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It Must Be Christmastime or Something

Completed house.

2 minutes later...
(note candy was immediately inhaled)

And then 2 more minutes later...

So then we had a dance party.

And you all wish you could've seen me dance.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Real Santa

After meeting this guy (at our ward Christmas party) I believe in Santa again.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Assisted Living

Our preschool group visited an assisted living center to sing and pass out little gifts.

It was so cute and worth the bribe to get Drew to sing.

Is it wrong that I think it'd be awesome if the elderly caroled back to the kids?

They are both in assisted living phases of their lives so it makes sense.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Call Do-Overs

Those people down there are Brent/Errin/Jones and Owen/Drew/Sally

The San Diego Temple is amazing.
It doesn't have near the light display that Mesa does.
But it doesn't need it.

However, my kids were nuts during our visit.
And I want them to get it more than they did.
So ya...do overs!
We're going back.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sea World

Santa's Cottage


Christmas Tails Show

Polar Express 4D

And we ended the day w/Carlton!
He was singing in the Shamu Christmas show.

Sorry Carlton, I don't know your real name.
Also sorry that you went from being on The Fresh Prince to being a Sea World singer.
You seemed like a happy soul, though.
You'd make lots of happy souls if you worked this routine into your gospel number.

Friday, December 10, 2010

We Have a Tree

Last week was special.

2/3 of my kids were sick and Justin was out of town.

By Thursday I was done.

Thought a tree would turn that around.

Drove past "bargain" lots to get to the cute lot at the fruit stand.

Which of course only sold Noble Firs.

They're not cheap.

But are the best.

Was secretly happy I had no choice.

(driving to another lot was obviously not a choice)

Owen walked right up to the tree he wanted.
And stood guard.

Took a pause from playing hide & seek in the trees.

Went home.

Tried to get tree straight in stand.

Got frustrated.

Turned on Christmas music to bring some cheer.

Took a dinner break.

Sally cried cause she didn't like dinner.

Observed that the music couldn't cheer my child or straighten my tree.

Turned off music.


Turned music back on.

Got tree in stand.

Plugged in lights.

Which were burnt out.

Called it a night.

Next day...new lights.

Love the new lights.

Christmas music back on.

Kids decorated tree mostly themselves.

Didn't even stress.

Liked when Owen pulled out the bird ornaments and knowingly said,
"Dad loves his birds"

(Justin thinks every Christmas tree needs birds)

Too bad he wasn't here to decorate with us.

Paused to note that tree needles point upwards to Heaven to remind us of Jesus.

Is that true? Not sure but I like it.

All ornaments on.

Star topper didn't match feel of new lights.

Thought I needed a red felt star.

Thought of how I could make one.

Then remembered I don't like making things.

Next day while @ Ikea discovered a red felt star.

For $1.99.

And cheery tomato red bulbs.

Both perfect.

Tree is complete.

And is the happiest one we've ever had.

Stop the Presses

If you were considering making the slow-cooker oatmeal I referred to a couple posts ago...

Don't cook it in soy milk overnight (just tried that and it was not desirable).

I consulted with Jamba themselves and found out they:
- cook the oatmeal in water.
- cook it in a "rice cooker thingy" for like 30-45 minutes.
- don't cook it overnight.
- add soy milk before serving.

Cooking overnight still works....the oats just lose some of their texture.
The version I posted below is good.
Just different than Jamba's.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Please tell Justin not to feed stray cats.
He doesn't need to be naming them either.
Especially if the name is Nightwisp.