Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mueslix on a Sunday Morning

Ever since my aunt Liesel served this at our family reunion I've been a little obsessed.

Start w/raw oats.

Add milk to soften and yogurt (I use vanilla) to sweeten.

Then pile stuff on:
Berries, nuts, craisins, bananas (not pictured but I like it best w/those included), coconut, etc.

And then have a happy belly.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Girl

Got here just in time to celebrate Errin's bday.
Ate at Ruby's at the end of the pier.

This is the closest we've gotten to the beach here and it was exciting.
I think today we might actually touch sand!

Legos & Star Wars

Sorry Owen...
When you go to school you miss out.

PS: Don't worry, Justin took him after school. It's nice that Legoland is so close.

PS #2: School for Owen is going better...thanks to a boy in a bright yellow Yoda shirt.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Not So Sure

Owen is officially a military brat.
Today was his first day of 1st Grade at his THIRD school in 2 years.
Follow that?

I hope this face is happier when I pick him up!

We're Here!

And by here I mean Carlsbad.

We like to eat Rubios on our front porch.
There is one way too close to our house.

How much do you hate me for this picture?
It hurts my eyes.
I was excited they were all drinking at the same time.

You (and us) will be seeing a lot of these faces

Cause we are only 9 minutes away!
It's the best.

Four Eyes

Sally came home with the reading glasses and Feliz Cumpleanos balloon
after a visit to the dollar store with Tanner and Rachel.

And now I'm kind of hoping she needs glasses one day
because her slightly magnified eyes make me happy.


The rim is still beautiful. And Sally is still scared of it.

A visit to the fish hatchery.


Progress on the tree house!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hat Attack

They love Uncle Cole and his hats.

Hot Lips

The Breakfast Club

Lindsey, Katie, Me, Debbie (my 3 BFF's since 8th-9th grade)

I have fun going to breakfast with them during my Mesa visits.

Today's breakfast was at Liberty Market.
Super cute place but just medium good breakfast food.
We would like TC Eggington's food to be served there since
TC's atmosphere is very granny.

I'm glad we have an updated picture of us to replace the one from 9 years ago in front of IHOP.


Nielsen's newest sister Rachel!

I enjoy their sandwiches, fries (+ fry sauce), and frozen custard so much.

So if they could start giving family discounts I'd appreciate it.

Good Timing

It was a happy day when Danna and I realized we'd be visiting AZ at the same time.

Karen cut her hair (including her hot new bangs) and then we went to lunch with my mom.
Ticoz (known for guacammus) is no longer open for lunch...
so Plan B was The Parlor.
SO good.
Roasted beet salad was amazing.

Afterward, Felicity wanted a picture with Owen.
But he was busy swimming so Drew offered.
Felicity gave a little smile.

But when we finally got Owen next to her she got really happy.
I like that she likes him so much.

And I also like that we will be living a lot closer to Monterey so we can have more future visits.

Manual Labor

When our movers called on moving day to say they had a 2-day delay
(after our house was completely packed up), we decided to go the U-Haul route.

After muuuuch hard work on Justin's part, the house got loaded and cleaned.

We left a day late...better than 2 days late.

Did you pass us on the I-10?
I was following Justin in the van...
hugging the steering wheel so I could drive with my left foot.
And also worrying about getting a ticket for driving too slow (U-Hauls are not speedy).

"The Thing" billboards sucked us in so we pit stopped there.

Do not recommend.
Just a random collection of old dusty stuff.
I was hoping for some sort of prehistoric monster.

We made it to AZ and I had one puffy foot.

Yesterday morning, Justin drove the U-Haul to be unloaded at our future house.
His brother Linus flew him back late that night.

So now we get to spend a few days here not thinking about moving.

Funny thing is when Justin was finishing up unloading our stuff in California,
I was getting some stretching tips from Jared and I can now hobble around crutch-free.

Funny how that happens now that the hard part is over.

The San Angelo Cast

From left to right during our visit to Alfredo's Paleteria (the day before we left):
Amanda, Tiffany, Hannah, Me

Lori (who couldn't make it) recommend we try this place.
It was yum. Wish I knew about it when we first got there.

These are the fun girls I got to know in San Angelo once
I decided to come out of my hermit shell.
(didn't make much effort at first since we wouldn't be there long)

But ya life is better with friends.
That's my cheesy thought for the day.

Friday, August 06, 2010



I don't know the typical falling out order of teeth,
but I like (and I'm not being sarcastic) when the front 2 go missing at the same time.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Did it work?
Is my foot magically all better?

I'm tired of being a gimp.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Insert Image Here

If I were to have pictures of the last 3 days, this is what you would see.

(above) Me sitting next to Sally at the bottom of the playground stairs with my hands covering my face. Wondering if the golf-ball size swelling on my right ankle was real. Did I really just twist it carrying Sally down those stairs? The swelling was immediate. And huge. Happened Saturday.

Hannah helping me hobble over to our pool-side table where we had just started to get settled.

Sitting on a pool chair calling Justin. He was at an 11-Year-Old Scout campout and didn't have his phone on him.

Everyone's faces when they saw my injury. The scrawny lifeguard wins the award for best reaction. None were offensive but most were a little dramatic. Being in shock I didn't fully appreciate them at the time.

Head lifeguard and Amanda (friend & future nurse) fitting me with a beach towel & tape splint.

2 scrawny lifeguards carrying me to my van. The head lifeguard had just informed me she'd get her big strong lifeguard to help, but for some reason he watched while 2 little dudes did the job.

My van pulling away. Hannah driving. Amanda as passenger. Me in the back. All in swim apparel.

Lori and 3 husbands (still hadn't got ahold of mine) staying behind at the pool w/all the kids...probably wondering what became of their afternoon that was supposed to be fun. (but really everyone was so beyond nice and helpful)

Amanda wheeling me into the ER (still in swim apparel).

Hannah's towel skirt falling off in the parking lot.

An empty ER room! Immediate service.

An x-ray (in swim apparel).

Justin made it!

Standing up to get fitted for crutches. Swim skirt below my rear (Justin thought I was aware so he didn't tell me but pretty much my entire body was numb and tingly so I wasn't feeling much).

No break (phew!). Sprain. Crutches & air cast for a week. Then air cast maybe another week.

Hobbling around on crutches. Awkward. Uncoordinated.

Bruises from crutches. Sore knees from crawling when needing a break from crutches. (K really I wouldn't post those pictures, I just want you to feel sorry for me).

Hannah painting my toes yellow (she & Amanda visited since I won't be driving in the near future).

Resting. Reading. Icing.

Kids using crutches as weapons.

My sprain pain is minimal...mostly just an inconvenience. Still swollen and sensitive. The crutches hurt worse than my injury. Kids are pretty helpful while Justin's at work...and also pretty aware that I can't enforce anything. Friends are awesome. Timing is not (moving Mon or Tues, packing ourselves). And I'm not depressed (that was mostly for sister Rachel who said my last post was too depressing :))