Friday, December 18, 2009

I Collect Stars and Kids

Last year I put this ornament in my cart at Target.
When loading up my car I realized it never made it onto the little checkout conveyor belt.
So I put it in my glove compartment to pay for at my next Target trip.
A year later (that would be 3 days ago) I remembered to take it back.
Didn't show up in their computer anymore so they just gave it to me.
And that's how I got a free $1.99 ornament from Target.

This is the Target star I bought this year. And love. Been filling our tree w/stars our whole marriage.

And this is a cute picture.


Torgersons said...

Target is so generous. And yes, that is a cute picture.

berrygirl--Jaime said...

always love your posts.

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Very cute picture. And I guess it pays to be honest even if it takes a year:)

Krissie said...

I can't believe how big everyone is getting! I wish we were their to play with them still!

Sarah said...

I love that you are doing a star theme every year. very cute and your kids will remember that.

Steph said...

totally cute!
where was it?