Tuesday, December 08, 2009

When in Monterey, Get a Monterey Pine


Mostly because they are the cheapest ones on the mountain.

But also, they smell good and barely shed.

Which I'm sure any freshly cut tree would do.

But I wouldn't know cause
this was my first time cutting one down...ever!

I loved it.

And by loved it, I mean I loved taking pictures of it.
Collage for Nichole

Justin had mandatory study hall Saturday
so we got help cutting/transporting the tree from friends.


We love our hairy, awkward tree.


Sara Hollobaugh said...

So fun! Now maybe you have a new tradition:)?

Joanna and Ben said...

we've never done a real tree. Maybe we will try it one year. You always take such great pictures.

KatieJ said...

Beautiful! I wish I could smell it!

Nutts said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I'VE BEEN AWAY FROM THE BLOGGING WORLD TOO LONG AND DIDN'T SEE THIS TIL NOW!!! i am honored by the collage. thank you. i seriously laughed out loud!!! thank you thank you thank you