Saturday, May 09, 2009

We Like Swimming

We went to

an amazing pool yesterday

and I realized a few things:

A) It's so nice to get IN the water
(not just look at it like I do at the cold ocean).

B) It's time for swimming lessons.

C) It's also time for swim diapers.


makennamarie(: said...

Haha, I know right?
And thanks! (:

Cute pictures! The kids are so cute, and getting so big! Drew looks so much like Owen, and Sally is adorable! Hopefully we will get to see you guys sometime when we move to CA. The drive is crazy though-7hours!! Whoa.. haha... yeah so we will see about that.

Miss you guys!

brentanderrin said...

so cute! i love those pictures! when you are here... and if jones still wont walk... can sally teach him?

e m i l y said...

I meant to tell you thanks for the comment on lds primary posters blog. It's a great idea. It's ideas that come in like that, which keep me doing what i do! Thanks!

Sara Hollobaugh said...

AHHH I love the pool! Cute pics. The diaper, did it disintegrate? My friend came over and her little girl went in Paytens little pool and her diaper swelled and all of the gel came out. What a mess:) Sally looks like she really enjoyed herself!

Steph said...

SHUTUP if that's Amanda's pool! And how fun for you and your little fam! I caaaaaaaan't say I'll be checking your blog to regularly because I feel the pains of jealousy creeping in. (sigh)