Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gilroy Gardens

is a fun younger-kid oriented theme park filled w/pretty gardens

and a bunch of rides.
We chose the ferris wheel.

They chose anything that had to do with driving.

Memorial Day - 5/25


Sarah said...

I just told Jeff how bad I want to go there. YOu went on a great day, not too hot.

Sara Hollobaugh said...

So FUN! I wish we had more fun places like that to take Payten. It is just to blasted hot here!

Robyn Hollobaugh said...

I can't wait until Griffin gets a little older and we can do that stuff. I am REALLY excited to take them to Disneyland or World...wherever we live at the time. And your hair is really cute flat ironed,(I don't know what I'd do w/out a flatiron) do you get it cut at an angle or does it just look that way. I've always liked the way your hair is cut. I bet Karen does it...I did love her haircuts.

Steph said...

Looks SO fun! And love the pics of the kids in the cars. Your camera is doing a fantabulous job...I still can't believe you scored so big this year on your b-day and mother's day! You deserve it, for sure!

Billy and Cassie plus4 said...

You have some really cute Kids.And the boys really look like Justin.Wish I could see your cute little family.

This is for you Justin:Deck the hall with bells of holly Fa la la la Hollobaugh!We use to sing this to him when he was on him mission in Modesto,Ca.