Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tag Catch-up

6th Picture from 6th File
courtesy of Becky
& her little private blog

Not a very exciting one...taken this past December in my parents backyard in AZ of Owen and Max's head.

10 Honest Things
courtesy of Steph

Honestly, I...

like Brad Pitt. I know, not an original celebrity crush. But we broke up when he left Jen. Got back together when he made Benjamin Button. I'll sit through ugly baby Brad and old man Brad anytime if it means I get to see good looking Brad in the middle.

like the name Drew because of Drew on Big Brother...not anything to do with an old boyfriend. But I guess naming Drew after a character on a reality show isn't any better than naming him after an old boyfriend. I just like the name Drew okay!

liked the name Sally before I met my friend Sally in NC. When I met her I knew we'd be friends and I thought, "crap! I'm gonna have a girl and her name will be Sally and everyone will think I named her after her." And sure enough :) Justin doesn't even believe me. Not sure why I feel the need to have everyone believe me on this because naming Sally after Sally isn't a bad thing.

am cooler on paper than in person. If you don't think I'm cool on paper than you really won't like me in person. In person I'm a bad conversationalist. Writing lets me think things out better.

still sleep in an old t-shirt from high school that says Army on it. And Justin's in the Marines.

would like to live in Monterey longer than a year and a half.

want one more girl...Hazel. Hazel Hollobaugh. Now there's a mouthful. But Hazel, please don't come for a few years. And please don't come in the form of twin boys. And Justin please learn to like that name :)

have at least 20 people on my Google Reader that have no idea I read their blog.

don't know how to play football. Am I the only one not watching the Super Bowl?

am really good at gaining weight. Not to brag or anything.

8 Things
Courtesy of Robyn
(sorry I'm really slow with this one)

8 TV Shows I Watch
The Office
Top Chef
Project Runway
Real Housewives
Amazing Race
America's Next Top Model

8 Places I like to Eat
First Awakenings
Tia Rosa's

8 things I did today
Woke up
Ate breakfast
Took a shower
Got ready
Got 3 kids ready (Justin has duty)
Ate lunch
Read Drew a book

8 things I look forward to
Justin getting off duty
My headache going away
Seeing my brother Jason who just got home from a mission
Justin's week break in April
Dinner (wish I wasn't the one making it)
Valentine's Day
The weekend

8 Things on My Wish List
Jeans that fit perfect
Double jogger stroller (BOB or Phil & Ted's?)
Digital SLR camera
Take a photography class
Family pictures
Braces (for the 3rd time) or veneers in my whole mouth


melinda said...

1. No, you're not the only one who isn't watching the Super Bowl. I am lucky that I even know the Cardnals are playing.

2. I too LOVE the name Hazel. I mentioned it when I was pregnant with Emma. It is on a waiting list with about 20 other grandma names that I am waiting for Tyler to learn to like. Oh well.

3. I bet I'm better at gaining weight than you. Especially while pregnant;)

4. I think you are cool not only on paper, but I remember you being pretty cool in real life too:)

5. You reminded me that I really need to see the Benjamin Button. And, I think I'm the only person who thinks Angelina is way cooler than Jen.

Fun read!

Sarah said...

I'm still laughing about the army T-shirt! That is so need to get a marines one and wear it for Valentines night!

Steph said...

Learn something new about my little nugget everyday.

You think you need braces? Just don't become Hillary Duff with those new veneers you're getting :)
Oh, and I'm impressed you showered on the day that you had to get all 3 kids ready too!!!

Oh, and I'm soooo with you on staying in Monterey longer! :(

stephanie said...

i love hazel, too. but we already have a mabel. i don't think we could do both. plus, i want a boy next.

i think we would be really good friends. could you move back to mesa when you are done with monterey?

Aric and Sally said...

Admit it Shauna. You know you named her after me. We all know it.

Jessica Crozier said...

Yay! Someone else who doesn't get football. I have tried and tried, but somethings just aren't meant to be. Cute you need to catch up on all those Facebook "tags" going around. You're getting those too, right?

riggsfam said...

I have a great grandma named Hazel. Too bad she's not your grandma, too, so you could say you're obligated to name your next girl after her.

star said...

You are totally cool in person! This was fun to read!

Stephanie Snyder said...

I don't like/watch/understand football either.

I like the name Hazel (so funny about the twin boys)

Hopefully your army t-shirt isn't an ex-boyfriends:)

And lastly, you are so cool on paper and in person!!!

Stephanie Snyder said...

I just read some of the comments,

"marine t-shirt for Valentines"