Friday, February 13, 2009

My Past Valentines

First, there was Donny.

I thought we were a cute couple
but I just wasn't down with his puppy love.

Then there was George.

Didn't work with him, either.

I was like, "George, just because you're a z-list celebrity doesn't mean you can make fun of my puffy pregnant self, my face as white as my shirt, too-bright lipstick, and nasty highlights."

You are the weakest link. Good-bye.

I'll stick with Justin.

PS Obviously I didn't date these has-been game show hosts (for Pyramid and the daytime spin-off of Weakest Link). I met them when they were doing promo for their shows while I was working at good ol LJW Advertising.


Ann said...

Look at you!
I always knew you were a player!

riggsfam said...

I hope Justin doesn't get too jealous looking at this post.

Jessica Crozier said...

Cute post! You and Donny make a good couple! ;-) Hope you and your real Valentine have a nice day tomorrow!

Steph said...


I personally think you and Donny make a cute couple (though not as cute as when you're with justin of course). How fun could that have been. You and Donny, me and David! ahhhhhhhhhh

Sarah said...

That's so cool! I met the black guy on from the Love Boat, the one that was a bartender. Anyway your celebs are way cooler.

Sara Hollobaugh said...

That is funny. I Dont remember you with high lights in your hair.

KatieJ said...

Ok I'm totally laughing at these- I thought you photoshopped yourself in there- I don't remember that at all, it must be after I was gone. That is so funny. Happy Valentines!

Aric and Sally said...

Is your maiden name Osmond? Donny looks like he could be your brother, and that would explain all that musical talent.