Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Elder Pitt?

Did you know Brad Pitt was Mormon?!!!

I used to have a subscription to People Magazine but I didn't renew it cause I felt guilty that I would read that thing cover to cover every WEEK yet didn't read The Ensign cover to cover every MONTH. Canceling the subscription hasn't really solved that problem.

And I still get my daily People dose off their website.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Friday we went with Sally & her daughters to the children's museum in Wilmington. Fun place!

On the way home we ate at Quiznos.
Two guys with long hair walked in so Owen pointed and yelled, "Look! He has long hair! Like a grill!!!" (girl) Which he kept repeating. My laughing probably didn't help. I didn't brainwash him to think that way but all he sees in this place are a bunch of practically bald Marines!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Date With Myself

what got at only

Here's your clue (actually that was a clue right there) (and so was that):

What? You don't think that movie is worth $5?!


The ace bandage is Owen's fix-up job to my bang-up job.

I backed Owen's bike out of the garage this morning with Justin's vehicle. It is still rideable but I scuffed up the training wheels and handlebar area pretty good. Owen's not too happy with me. But now we're even cause he wet MY bed last night!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Owen finally got to try out the Smith's remote control boat last night. He's been talking about this thing for weeks since he spied it at their house. No wonder, it's HUGE!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Target Practice

Finally got a picture of Justin in Iraq! His roommate took the picture of him and Sickles, who he works with. It was last Friday… they were going to shoot (at targets not people, don't worry).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family Picture

We were able to get one more family picture since Justin left:

Back Row: Pretend Owen

Front Row: Drew, Mom, Dad, Owen


Naked chores are more fun

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wish List

Katie... I'm gonna post about 5 girls I WISH had blogs since you stole half my list!

#1 Lindsey
Every email I get from her makes me laugh out loud. Her daughter Sophie says the funniest things. She has the cutest Cohen. She makes the best food (as does her mom, Rosie). She is always decorating or redecorating her house so cute. She has the funniest grandma ever. She sews the cutest things. Wears cute stuff. And paints awesome pictures. She needs to share all of this with the world... soon! Her blog would put mine to shame.

#2 Sisters
She needs to feature her 2 cute boys and their funniness; all her awesome hair-dos; her cute clothing, jewelery, and shoe finds; and Jared could even have a feature where he makes fun of whatever... he has a special talent to find something to make fun of in any situation. And he can also put all his cleaning tips. Maybe Jared just needs his own blog.

She's good about emailing out letters and pictures... those can easily be turned into blog form!

#3 Emily (stole this pic off Meredith's blog - hope neither of you mind!)
We went to high school together, were in the same ward, and she let me live with her in Provo for a few months after we graduated. I'm just guessing she has an interesting life and it'd be fun to read about. I know she has 2 very cute girls!

#4 My Mom
Hers would always be positive and mostly about family. I love hearing about my family! Also, she has great recipes, loves music, loves learning, and she is super mom.

#5 Sisters-in-Law

She just had long-awaited baby Madyson... This is the last picture I've seen of her and I need a lot more. All my sis-in-laws: Bethany, Ana, Ashley, Robyn, Melissa, and Erica need to get busy and represent the Hollobaughs :)

Also all my NC friends that moved away are required to get blogs: Jill S, Lara J, Tiffany W, Jenny F, Christi B, Wendy D

A couple more friends: Nichole N (we only exchange Christmas cards), Emily D (we still email but I'll be lucky if I see you again since you decided to move to Idaho!)

And that should do it for starters. Just a little more than 5...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Next Step

Justin re-enlisted in the Marines today. He is FINALLY going to get to learn Arabic. That's why he enlisted in the Marines in the first place... to be an Arab linguist.

Our next stop is Monterey, CA where Justin will attend the DLI (defense language institute). Yay! We might finally get some visitors. We're not sure when we're supposed to report but it'll be sometime after next April (hopefully so I can have this kid first).

It's definitely memorable that he re-enlisted on 9/11. Though most of our reasons for being in the military are selfish I know Justin is proud to serve his country. I'm proud of him! Just wish he'd come home already!

That's the short version. If you'd like the long version, Justin e-mailed a letter today to family members. Here's part of it:

When I was on my mission I decided that what I want to do in life is to learn Arabic and be a special agent for the F.B.I. To help me on that path I started attending Mesa Community College in hopes of knocking out my general education and then moving on to a degree in Arabic or Middle Eastern studies through a university. MCC offered some Arabic courses I enrolled in to help me get a start on learning Arabic. When it came time to decide whether I wanted to continue on with school or to join the Marine Corps in hopes of going to the DLI to learn Arabic, I decided to join the United States Marine Corps. The entire reason I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps was to learn Arabic and that didn't happen. I was stuck as a Special Intelligence Communicator for the next five years. That job turned out to be great! I loved working on computers, but I still had a deep desire to learn Arabic. When it finally came time to decide whether to stay in or get out, I needed to complete 12 more classes to earn my Bachelors in Middle Eastern Studies and that meant taking classes non stop up until September. I would really be pushing it to have my degree by the time I got out of the Marine Corps and then that left me no time to go through the waiting process of getting into the F.B.I. or NCIS. After much pondering, praying, and consulting with the boss, Shauna, I decided to
go ahead and re-enlist and that happened today. I had to re-enlist for 5 more years and when I get back from Iraq I will be headed to Monterey, California to attend the Defense Language Institute where I will learn Arabic. I don't know when I will leave or where I will go afterwards. I am excited because I am back on track after a five year pit stop. It was hot today, as usual, and I had about 10 people attend (the re-enlistment ceremony). My Senior Drill Instructor is my company 1st Sergeant, so that was kind of cool to have him there. I never thought I would see him again. I had Sgt Sickles film the re-enlistment and I will mail it home to Shauna one of these days. But other than that, there hasn't been too much going on. I am interested in knowing what the future holds for me now. My three choices for duty stations were England and two letter companies at Ft. Meade Maryland. I will probably end up in Maryland which would be cool because D.C. is roughly 45 minutes from there. England is pretty much not going to happen but it would be nice.

I Love you all and thanks for the prayers and everything else.

Love, Justin

Wish I Was There

Big Brothers Briant and Max

Martindale Family that could make it

I really hope Alice gets to keep her name in Heaven cause it's so cute. I'm excited to meet her one day.

Monday, September 10, 2007


So yesterday I got released from Primary. I feel so weird! Very mixed emotions... definitely lost 10 lbs of stress but I also lost some good things too. Since normally right about now I'd be doing something Primary-related (and my brain has had Primary on it ALL the time and doesn't know what to do now that it's free) I wanted to write a few notes to myself for NEXT time cause I know there will be a next time. Maybe not the same calling but something Primary-related will most likely come around again...

Favorite songs from this year:
Love Is Spoken Here
(One time when Senior Primary sang this with parts as a duet they seriously sounded like a choir - it came out of nowhere!)

I'm Trying to Be like Jesus

What I'll miss most:

Sunday Primary - I love being in there with the kids, love their comments of all sorts, love when we have a good day w/reverence and participation, love when we feel the Spirit.

Working with Sally & Carrie.

Spying on Owen (usually he was on my lap or right behind me so it wasn't hard to spy).

A few of the MANY things I learned:
Scouts is a big deal. So important!

Setting up a classroom makes a difference.

You don't have to know music to be a good music leader.

Being a primary teacher is not an easy calling. I always thought it was the typical starter calling :)

Heavenly Father likes to humble me... We'd have a great day at Church, or just get a teacher we were really hoping for... then I'd be walking around like I was the greatest thing ever, thinking I was finally getting the hang of things... only to find out minutes later we were losing one of our strongest teachers, or some primary workers weren't getting along, etc. Or maybe we were given those great moments to prepare us for what was right around the corner. Probably a combination of both.

What I love:
Sis Jarman - she is an older lady that is so funny! And so encouraging. Every now and then you get a teacher that just stares at you while you make a fool of yourself doing the songs, sharing times, etc. but Sis Jarman is always smiling nodding her head in encouragement. I love every primary worker that does their calling.

When teachers get their own subs.

When teachers use church-approved materials. Sometimes I felt like the church-approved materials Nazi! Did you know Primary Partners is not church approved?

I think that's the most common offender. What IS church approved? Anything on lds.org or in your church library. That does not include Veggie Tales or those Living Scriptures animated scripture stories.

When kids memorize Articles of Faith.

Our teacher-appreciation night. It was just FUN! My ribs hurt from laughing so hard.

What I want to do better next time:
Serve with a more positive attitude. I think I was usually positive on Sunday, at activities, etc. But behind the scenes wasn't always so pretty.

Prioritize between family and Primary better.

Not stress! (probably not possible)

I'll probably keep remembering things that I'll just add to these lists but it's a start.

Now I'm looking forward to a few months in AZ for the holidays! I'm counting Halloween and Veteran's Day among those holidays! Time to go book a flight!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Owen the Methodist

Today was Owen's first day of Preschool! It is run by a Methodist Church.

So pretty soon he and the other two Mormons in his class are going to show up to our church praying like this:
They have weekly chapel time to learn about God's love for them. I think Methodist's chapel time is a little more lively than ours which won't help our Sunday reverence issues any.

But really it's a good Preschool. And we have been looking forward to this day ALL summer. This morning Owen was not in any rush to get ready. But then he appeared out of nowhere carrying his Cars (from the movie) lunch bag thingy saying he's ready to go! As I'm buckling him in the car I notice the bag is heavier than when I packed his snacks... he had snuck his cars into the bottom compartment.

(notice Drew in the background)

When I picked him up (drive-through) I had my camera all ready to get a picture of him w/his teacher but he had the hugest smile ever and I totally forgot! He was so, so happy and loved it.
I asked him his favorite part and he said, "We're just learning about circles right now."

I loved getting some less-interrupted shopping and some peaceful time with Drew. But I think I had a big as smile as Owen when I picked him up :)

Justin called this morning to tell him good-luck, and he called again after to ask him about it. Preschool is a big deal around this house!

Happy and Sad

Yesterday my sisters Tami and Karen both had their babies...

The very happy news is that Tami had baby James Reed! The only baby (of her now 7) that she carried to a full 40 weeks. Bet she was glad to get him out! I can't wait to meet him!

And the very sad news is that Karen's baby Alice Jane didn't make it. She went in for a routine check-up yesterday morning (37 weeks) and the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat or any other vital signs. So she had to check in to the hospital where labor was induced. Yesterday evening Alice was stillborn. The umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck in the womb. I'm so sad for Karen & Jared. Karen - I hope I'm not sharing too much info. But you guys are all I can think about. You're in our prayers. We love you!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cape Lookout

Labor Day Trip to Cape Lookout

Here's our bodyguard we brought along just to be safe:
(also known as Aaron - he and Elizabeth came too)

We took a ferry from Harker's Island (which is actually not an island) to Cape Lookout (which is an island):

Can you see the lighthouse in the background? It's right by Owen's forehead.

On the ferry ride we passed Shackleford Banks (island) that has like 100+ wild ponies!

On Cape Lookout we took a truck ride to the point of the island where there were tons of huge shells to collect.
(Like my $10 "celebrity sunglasses?" The ferry place doesn't have a huge selection)

First shell find... by the truck driver. We're pretty sure she planted it on the side of the path and "surprisingly" found it for us so she'd get a tip. It might've worked if she didn't charge an arm and a leg for the ride in the first place.
(Owen has been carrying around this shell since we got home and keeps asking Drew if he wants to pet it)

At the point of the island looking for shells...

Owen's favorite find... some dead fish. He thought they were alive though and was carrying them forever! Even on the truck ride back. He wouldn't throw them out until I told him he could get a REAL fish for his birthday.

We never even made it to the main awesome beach there cause we were so tired so we just headed home! So much fun though!