Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goodbye Preschool

Owen's AZ Preschool Class

Olivia, Kaleb, Matthew, Miles, Owen, Crew, Kennedi, Audra, Caleb

Not pictured: Briant, Tyler, Colby

Today was his last day of preschool here. I'm sad for Owen cause he LOVES it. He asks almost every morning if today is a preschool day and every day when I pick him up he's so happy! A few of his preschool favorites:

Letter to sign: T

Song: Rudolph

Snack: Ding Dongs (the snacks each day had to do with the letter of the week; Owen brought gummy lifesavers (look like O's) to share for his last day)

Crafts: Turkey Pumpkins, Reindeer Hats

Next month it's back to the Methodist Preschool but it just won't be the same. Mrs. Lunt/Aunt Suzanne is the best :)


riggsfam said...

Definitely a sad day! I love the reindeer picture :)

Momtothree said...

Did you have to still pay for the Methodist preschool while you were gone? When Owen goes back you should ask him about the prayer they say over the snack. Becca says they put their hands together to pray and they sing this song "Bless you Jesus" as their prayer over their snack. Also you should ask him about Nathaniel...apparently he has this bad habit of hitting other kids in the class, but for some strange reason Becca totally loves him and during their Christmas program they were pushing each other back and forth during the last song instead of singing. I was trying soo hard not to laugh.

Krissie said...

I can't believe that it's almost time for you to go back to NC! I hope you have a safe trip back after having a fun filled holiday!

The Peterson Family said...

Must be a good preschool. I think Owen looks smarter!

melinda said...

Hey! Do you remember me?? I'm Lindsay's cousin and we met back in the day that I came to hang out with her;) You have a cute family! Great to "see" you again!

Merry Christmas!